Affordable Housing in Columbus

Project Listed On Platform February 27, 2018
Comment to Express Firm's Interest March 6, 2018
Initial Discussion Date and Time TBD
Project Interest Form Due Date TBD
Submissions Reviewed TBD

Initial Discussion

Within a week of the PFS Lab publishing this document, make a comment below if your firm would like to participate in a video conference with stakeholders involved with the project. You may also leave any upfront questions that you have about the project. The PFS Lab will cover these questions in the Initial Discussion.

To leave a comment, you will need to create a log-in, which you can do through Squarespace or by using an existing Facebook, Google, or Twitter account. Also, click "Subscribe via-email" if you would like to receive future updates. The PFS Lab will use this comment area as the primary means to share updates about this project.

The Initial Discussion is primarily a means for advisory firms to learn more about the projects. During the video conference , the PFS Lab and stakeholders will discuss the project and then open up the conversation for questions from advisory firms. The Project Interest Form, described below, is how firms can share how they would assist stakeholders with project development.

Project Interest Form

Within one week of the Initial Discussion video conference, complete the form below if your advisory firm would like to provide the local stakeholders with information about how your firm could assist with developing the project. The PFS Lab point of contact listed on the project cover sheet will receive your response and share it with the stakeholders. After the stakeholders have received the responses, the PFS Lab will notify all interested firms about how the stakeholders would like to proceed.

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