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The University of Virginia Pay for Success Lab (“PFS Lab”) assists communities with identifying opportunities for Pay for Success and other results-driven initiatives. To create a clearinghouse between communities in need of technical assistance and advisory firms (“Firms”) that can offer such assistance, the PFS Lab posts its findings to this internet-based, invite-only, password-protected Project Platform (“Platform”). Before utilizing the Platform, make sure to fully understand this information


The PFS Lab performs independent research and stakeholder engagement in communities to identify key components of potential Pay for Success and results-driven initiatives. During this process, the PFS Lab records its findings in Concept Outline documents that describe key components of potential results-driven initiatives. The PFS Lab often also assesses the Concept Outlines to examine the maturity of these concepts. The PFS Lab utilizes the Urban Institute Pay for Success Project Assessment Tool  for this purpose. See below for a listing of the key components researched and described in the Concept Outline documents.

  • Project Goals - A description of the outcome goals of the project. 
  • Intervention - A description of the intervention, including anticipated program design, target population, an estimate regarding the number of individuals to be served, and setting for the intervention. 
  • Evidence - Evidence to support the likelihood that the intervention will produce the desired outcomes.
  • Metrics - A description of the potential metrics to be used.
  • Social Benefits - The expected social benefits to participants who receive the intervention and others who may be impacted. 
  • Project Costs - Estimated costs to conduct the project. 
  • Timeline - An estimated timeline for implementation and completion of the project. 
  • Cost Savings - Estimates of Federal, State, and local government savings and other savings if the project is implemented and the outcomes are achieved as a result of each intervention.
  • Key Stakeholders - Description of any key stakeholders or other partnerships needed to successfully execute the project.
  • Resources - The expected resources needed to complete the feasibility study. 

The PFS Lab also engages with and educates key stakeholders so that the results-driven initiates are more likely to advance. Specifically, the PFS Lab seeks to identify a Project Champion, Service Provider, or End Payor that will be involved with developing the initiative. All posted documents will include a cover page will also indicate whether the document includes a Concept Outline, Project Assessment, and if the PFS Lab has been able to indicate any key stakeholders. In addition, the cover page will state whether the key stakeholders prefer that advisory firms contact them directly or if they prefer the PFS Lab make an introduction. The PFS Lab expects that Firms will respect and abide by these stakeholder preferences.


Posted documents represent monetary value for Firms because they contain newly found information about the potential for a results-driven initiative in a specific community. Firms can then offer technical assistance services to stakeholders described in the documents. So that the PFS Lab can operate as a financially sustainable entity, we depend on Firms who gain value from the Platform to make philanthropic contributions back to the PFS Lab. If requested, the PFS Lab can provide a schedule of suggested contributions.


Firms should always notify the PFS Lab promptly after signing a contract with a stakeholder so that the PFS Lab can clarify the status of the posted document on the Platform. The PFS Lab will regularly notify Firms as it posts documents to the Platform, if the PFS Lab makes substantive edits to a posted document, and if an advisory firm notifies the PFS Lab that it signed a contract related to a posted document.


The PFS Lab will make its best effort to include accurate information in the posted documents. However, the PFS Lab and the University of Virginia maintain no liability or responsibility once a Firm utilizes information in any posted documents. Before agreeing to terms with a client, Firms should perform sufficient due diligence to verify all relevant information and speak to the listed project champions, service providers, end payors, and other key stakeholders to verify their level of engagement.


The PFS Lab grants full permission for Firms on the Platform to use posted documents for not-for-profit and for-profit purposes, without fee and without a signed licensing agreement. However, distribution of the documents, and the information contained therein, to parties outside of each Firm is wholly prohibited. In addition, Firms must make reasonable attribution to the PFS Lab for its original research, stakeholder engagement, and other relevant contributions. Lastly, once the PFS Lab provides a Firm with access to the Platform, it may revoke that access at any time for any reason or for no reason.

Posting Process

  1. PFS Lab – The PFS Lab will post a document to the Platform and notify advisory firms by email.
  2. Advisory Firms – Within a week, each advisory firm should notify the PFS Lab if they would like to participate in a video conference with the local stakeholders. Firm should express their interest by making a comment on the Project's Platform page. 
  3. PFS Lab – The PFS Lab will schedule a Zoom video meeting with the local stakeholders and the interested advisory firms (everyone on one video call). During the video call, the PFS Lab and local stakeholders will first present background information about the project and address any questions submitted through the Initial Discussion Form. All advisory firms will start off muted. At any time, an advisory firm can “raise their hand” to ask a question. (There is a Zoom function for video conference participants called, “Raise Hand”.) When there is a break in the discussion, the PFS Lab will call on whoever has their hand raised.
  4. Advisory Firms – Within a week of the video meeting, interested firms should submit the Project Interest Form, also on the Project Platform. This will allow advisory firms to provide the stakeholders with information about how the firm could assist with project development. The form will have four questions, listed below. Each question is limited to a 250 word response. When advisory firms submit the form, the PFS Lab Point of Contact will receive the response.
    1. Describe the process that your firm suggests that the stakeholders take to develop this project.
    2. Describe the services your firm would provide to assist with this process.
    3. Describe the experience your firm has in this issue area.
    4. List any additional comments or questions that your firm has about this project.
    5. There will also be an option to provide an example work product each firm has completed in the past.
  5. Local Stakeholders – The PFS Lab and local stakeholders will review the submissions and notify advisory firms about next steps.