Current Opportunities:

se@uva Fellowship: APPLY HERE

SE@UVA Fellows works to organize and mobilize the UVA social entrepreneurship community through community events, outreach, social media, and advising. The position will require 5-10 hours/week. For the right applicant, some summer hours may also be available. While you do not have to be a Batten student or Social Entrepreneurship minor to apply, given that the SE Hub is housed within the Batten School, knowledge of the Batten school will be helpful for navigating this job and will be taken into consideration in the application process. This position is for the entirety of the 2019-2020 school year. The selected applicant must be available both Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 in order to accept this position (no study abroad planned). Undergraduate and Graduate students are invited to apply.

new vinegar hill project fellowship: Apply here

The destruction of the vibrant African-American community of Vinegar Hill, the University's participation in the massive resistance to the racial desegregation of the city's public schools and the University's long history as a place of white male privilege have all contributed to the well-known chasm between the University and black community in the city. We are drawing on the expertise, research, and resources of the University of proactively support the building of a strong and growing black middle and upper class through a robust African-American community led redevelopment initiative including affordable housing, entrepreneurship, and career pathways.

The committee leading the Vinegar Hill Research & Design Project are hiring for two paid fellowship positions running through summer 2019. Fellows will work alongside local community leaders and the New Hill Development Corporation to conduct historical research, build partnerships, and grow programs to build avenues of upward mobility in greater Charlottesville. The Fellowships are paid $12/hr at an average commitment of ten hours per week.

Coming Soon: 

social enterprise in dominica fellowship

Since 2016, UVA has offered a Global Field Experience in Dominica each spring; but in the aftermath of Maria, a Category 5 hurricane which devastated the island’s productive sector and infrastructure on September 18, 2017, we have a unique opportunity and a responsibility to do more. Student fellows began researching how the small island developing state of Dominica could become climate resilient through sustainable agriculture and energy solutions, and how these enterprises could build economic opportunity by equipping residents with the tools they need to supply the tourism industry with locally grown food.

Fellows in the Climate Resilience Lab, under the leadership of Professor Bevin Etienne, will continue this research into the intersection of food, energy and water resources, and how innovative solutions can increase the resiliency of the island. Prototypes in hydroponic agriculture solutions, developed in partnership with Babylon Micro-Farms, will be one of the focus areas of the research and data collection. This fellowship is unpaid, but course credit is available in Spring 2019, along with travel assistance funding to participate in the Global Field Experience course on site in Dominica in May 2019. Applications for this fellowship are now closed.

Royster-lawton fellows in social enterprise

The Royster-Lawton Fellowship wants to help fund your summer internship with the venture of your choice.  Internships can be with a for-profit or non-profit, the only requirement is that the organization emphasizes a commitment to purpose.  Fellows will receive $3,000 and benefit from coaching, resume and cover letter development as well as professional guidance. Our experienced staff can match you with a social enterprise according to your interests, or you can choose your own. You can find additional information and eligibility requirements HERE. Applications are now closed.

pay for success lab fellowship

The Fellowship is an opportunity to learn about important policy issue areas, gain familiarity with evidence-based policy and impact investing, and create real change in communities. All UVA students are invited to apply with a preference for those who are interested and have experience with either childhood asthma or affordable housing. The Fellowships are paid $12/hr at an average commitment of ten hours per week. Applications for the 2018 - 2019 school year are now closed.  

food policy fellows

In partnership with Morven Farm and the First Lady's Food Lab, we are developing a cohort of Food Policy fellows to increase collaboration among UVA students, faculty, and local community partners working on issues of food, farming and sustainability. Fellows will work with local food justice organizations in Charlottesville, consult with emerging local farm to table businesses, and research ways that Morven Farm can better serve the needs of the surrounding community through the creation of new programs such as a farm incubator, workshops, classes and farm tours. 

Thanks to support from the Equity and Environment Fund through UVA's Office of Sustainability, we have funding for two fellows to work with City Schoolyard Garden and the Charlottesville Food Justice Network. Applications for the 2018 - 2019 school year are now closed.