Spring Term

March 24 - Social Innovation in Millennial Civic Engagement
11:00AM - 3:00PM, Great Hall of Garrett Hall (The Batten School)

How will millennials choose to engage with politics and issues that matter to them? What new innovations already exist to foster such engagement? Join us for a cross‐disciplinary gathering of students and faculty members to learn how you can help shape our future political culture!

Expect engaging speakers, applicable workshops, and Sticks for lunch! Please RSVP here and check out the Facebook event here!

March 24 - Submission Deadline for SE Track of E-Cup
Due at Noon

Launch! is the third and final stage of the E-Cup and its goal is to showcase and provide seed capital to the most compelling student ventures. In past years, upwards of $50,000 in total prize and in-kind resources have been awarded.

This stage of the competition is about commitment, sustainability, and scale. Are the students committed to the venture? Is it likely that that the venture, whether a for-profit or nonprofit, could be sustainable (i.e., financially and operationally viable)? Could this venture grow to have the impact and/or the upside imagined by the founders? Students at this point are able to provide evidence of real customer and/or stakeholder demand, and can provide a vision for how the venture could become a sustainable business or non-profit. Furthermore, these student ventures have often also begun the process of assembling the team and resources to deliver their product or service to new customers. Additional details can be found here. Application forthcoming. 

April 13 & 14 - Virginia Policy Entrepreneur's Retreat

The Virginia Policy Entrepreneurship Retreat is a bootcamp for leading change with entrepreneurial thought and action at the Hometown Summit. The VPER curriculum is taught through the logic of Babson College’s renowned Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® and SE@UVA which stresses the importance of action and experimentation alongside analysis and reflection to forge a path of resilient and collaborative change-making. This program features a carefully designed blend of lectures, group work, and action-based learning that focuses on assessment, feasibility, and execution of new policy ideas and concepts. Because the VPER is designed for high-potential policy entrepreneurs who are committed to solving tough problems, participants will find themselves surrounded by like-minded individuals from around the state—experienced professionals who are working to create new opportunities.

The event is hosted by Social Entrepreneurship at UVA and the TomTom Festival, with the leadership of Co-Chairs Jim Cheng and John Kluge. See the full schedule and get your ticket here!