The mission of the University of Virginia Pay for Success Lab is to identify and advance impactful Pay for Success projects in localities across the nation. Through our work, we: 

  • RESEARCH the social and financial benefits that effective policy solutions can provide
  • ENGAGE with local stakeholders to educate them about Pay for Success and other results-based funding strategies
  • CONNECT stakeholders with organizations and resources that can assist with advancing promising project ideas

Pay for Success (PFS) generates social value and cashable savings to government and other community organizations while driving financial resources towards serving local needs and measurably improving lives. Through the structure, a private investor pays upfront for an intervention and an end payor agrees to repay that investment should the intervention meet or exceed its predetermined target outcome measures. PFS allows community-oriented organizations to pay for tangible benefits, transfers the risk of outcome achievement to external funders, and aligns a community towards achieving beneficial outcomes.

Pay for Success Lab Assistance

The Pay for Success Lab assists communities with discovering opportunities for Pay for Success projects and other results-based initiatives. Our current focus areas include affordable housing, childhood asthma, juvenile justice, and water infrastructure. Although, we are often able to work outside of these core areas. Click the contact button below to inquire about receiving pro bono assistance in your community.

America Forward Coalition

The Pay for Success Lab is a member of the America Forward Coalition, a network of more than 70 social entrepreneur organizations that champion innovative, effective, and efficient solutions to our country’s most pressing social problems. America Forward believes that our nation’s social entrepreneurs can lead the way to unlocking America’s potential and help move all of America Forward. Together its member organizations have leveraged $1.5 billion for social innovation and have driven millions of federal resources toward programs that are achieving measurable results for those who need them most. 

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Join Us! 

The Pay for Success Lab is currently accepting rolling applications for its 2017/18 volunteer Fellow positions. The Fellowship is an excellent opportunity for University of Virginia students to learn about important policy issue areas, gain familiarity with evidence-based policy and impact investing, and create real change in communities. You may access the application at this link.