The mission of the University of Virginia Pay for Success Lab is to identify and advance impactful Pay for Success projects in localities across the nation. Through our work, we: 

  • RESEARCH the social and financial benefits that communities can secure from effective policy solutions
  • ENGAGE with local stakeholders to educate them about Pay for Success and other results-driven strategies
  • CONNECT stakeholders with organizations and resources that can assist with advancing promising initiatives

The Pay for Success Lab assists communities with discovering opportunities for Pay for Success and other results-driven initiatives. Our current focus areas include affordable housing, childhood asthma, juvenile justice, water infrastructure, and workforce development, but we are often able to assist in additional areas, as well. If you represent a service provider, government, philanthropy, or other community stakeholder who is interested in receiving pro bono assistance to begin exploring results-driven decision making, email Joshua Ogburn, the Pay for Success Lab Director, at 

Transitioning from Inputs to Outcomes

Pay-for-Success (PFS) and other results-driven strategies generate social value and cashable savings to government and other community organizations while driving financial resources towards effective interventions that serve local needs and measurably improve lives. The figure below illustrates the inputs that governments, philanthropies, and other community organizations traditionally fund and the logic of how those may lead to outcomes. The Pay for Success Lab believes that communities should start by identifying outcomes of importance and then work backwards to value, track, and eventually pay for achievement of these outcomes.

The figure below shows the inputs that governments, philanthropies, and other community organizations normally fund. The PFS Lab assists communities with transitioning towards tracking and paying for achieved outcomes.

Pay for Success Project Platform

The Pay for Success Lab develops Project Prospectuses that detail information about potential Pay for Success and other results-driven initiatives in specific states or local geographies. and posts them to a password protected Project Platform. The Platform serves as a clearinghouse between communities in need of technical assistance and advisory firms that can provide that assistance. If you represent an advisory firm that is interested in joining the platform, email Joshua Ogburn, Director of the Pay for Success Lab.

America Forward Coalition

The Pay for Success Lab is a member of the America Forward Coalition, a network of more than 70 social entrepreneur organizations that champion innovative, effective, and efficient solutions to our country’s most pressing social problems. Coalition members believe that our nation’s social entrepreneurs can lead the way to unlocking America’s potential and help move all of America Forward. Together America Forward's member organizations have leveraged $1.5 billion toward programs that are achieving measurable results for those who need them most.