The mission of the University of Virginia Pay for Success Lab is to identify and advance impactful Pay for Success projects in localities across the nation. 

The Pay for Success Lab works with communities to explore results-driven solutions to our nation’s most systemic challenges. We provide pro bono independent research, analysis, and stakeholder engagement to organizations at the state and local level across the United States. In each community, we identify key components of potential results-driven initiatives. We record our findings in customized Concept Outline documents that we also assess to examine whether they are ready for project development. We also engage with key stakeholders so that the initiatives are likely to advance. 

Project Platform

After the Pay for Success Lab assists your community with developing a Concept Outline and Project Assessment, we can also refer you to a results-driven advisory firm that specializes in advancing results-driven initiatives. We facilitate this process through a Project Platform that allows for a smooth transition from the Pay for Success Lab's upfront assistance to the next steps of developing an initiative. The leading advisory firms who are part of the Project Platform include: Amplify Civic Advisors, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative, Institute for Child Success, Social Finance, Third Sector Capital Partners, and Quantified VenturesIf you represent an advisory firm that is interested in joining the platform, email us at

Why Collaborate with the PFS Lab

  • Are you interested in Pay for Success but not sure how to get started?
  • Do you have an idea for a project and want to know whether it is suitable?
  • Does your community want to better serve those who are at-risk?
  • Want to identify an advisory firm that can provide technical assistance?

How to Get Started

If you represent a service provider, government, philanthropy, or other community stakeholder who is interested in receiving pro bono assistance to begin exploring results-driven decision making, email us at We will have an initial discussion to explore any project ideas that you have and assign you to a Pay for Success Lab point of contact.

Project Development Process

See below for a graphic of the services the Pay for Success Lab provides vs. those handled by external advisory firms.