The fastest growing interdisciplinary minor at the University of Virginia

The Entrepreneurship Minor with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship prepares students to launch or work within innovative, financially-sustainable non-profits, world-changing for profits and a range of hybrids in between including venture philanthropy, public-private partnerships, and impact investing.

Application deadline: October 24 at 5 pm


The minor is open to all students who have completed or are enrolled in the startup course (ENTP 1010). Enrollment in the minor is determined by a short application process. Acceptance into and declaration of the minor do not guarantee enrollment in the courses or completion of the minor. All courses are offered on a space-available basis.

Applications are opened twice a year - in the middle of the fall semester and the middle of the spring semester. The application is now closed and will be opened Fall 2018. 

Only a single course may be counted towards both the fulfillment of the Entrepreneurship Minor and the fulfillment of a student's major degree program(s).


The Social Entrepreneurship track of the Entrepreneurship minor consists of 18 credits, including a final capstone project. 

  • Startup Course: ENTP 1010

  • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship: LPPS 3050 (Formerly PPOL 3500)

  • 3 Approved Electives

    • A comprehensive list of classes that can be counted for elective credit can be accessed here.

  • Final Capstone Project

    • LPPS 4735 Experiential Social Entrepreneurship (LPPS 4735)

    • Design and Innovation in Medicine (BME 3030)

    • New Product Development (STS 4810)

    • Launch (ENTP 4000)